Ginger During Pregnancy

Benefits of Ginger During Pregnancy

3 Feb
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Dr. Pooja Dholakia

Eating ginger during pregnancy not only reduces fatigue but also helps you feel energetic. The properties of ginger strengthen the immune system and help you recover quickly. It has been proven in many studies that ginger keeps blood sugar levels normal.

Benefits of Ginger:

1. Heart Health

It helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. Eating ginger during pregnancy increases blood circulation. It helps to supply blood to the fetus. Eating ginger during pregnancy reduces the acid that causes heartburn problems.

Heart Health

2. Gut Health

Ginger also relieves nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy. You can also take ginger water or ginger tea to ease your stomach problems.

Consuming ginger during pregnancy helps the body to absorb nutrients from food by stimulating gastric and pancreatic function.

Gut Health

3. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Ginger (Anti-inflammatory) helps in reducing inflammation. Taking ginger before bed during pregnancy also cures digestive problems, gas and bloating.

It also effectively reduces arthritis and shoulder pain. It is helpful in the treatment of pulse related diseases.

What is the right amount of Ginger intake?

Ginger should always be taken in moderation during pregnancy. At this time you can eat only 1 gram of ginger 2 or 4 times a day.

Consult your dietician or doctor to determine the dosage according to your body.

Use of Ginger in Diet

You can grate ginger in soups, fried vegetables, and fried rice. You can add thinly sliced ginger to bring the flavor to the vegetables. Put a little ginger in hot water and keep it aside for a while and then drink it. You can also make a tea by mixing ginger, cinnamon, honey and mint.



1. Can eating ginger during pregnancy lead to miscarriage?

Eating ginger in moderation during pregnancy has many benefits. However, if you eat too much ginger, it can increase the risk of miscarriage. Consult a doctor to know how much ginger to eat during pregnancy.

2. Are there any side effects of eating ginger during pregnancy?

If you are taking any medication related to blood clots or blood pressure, talk to your doctor about whether you should eat ginger during pregnancy.

3. What is the harm caused by excess amounts of ginger?

Taking more of it can cause some special side effects like gastritis, stomach upset, diarrhea, burning sensation in mouth, heartburn, etc.

Disclaimer: This blog is correct as per the writer’s knowledge. This is not a medical guidance. Follow as you are responsible for.

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