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Our Story

Our journey started in 2006. We were working at one Famous Child Care Organization, where we were nurturing children from ages 3 to 12 years. After 2 years of deep observation, experiments and thinking, we came to know that 3 years is the very late age to start child's complete development. We were quite disappointed.

At that time, Our guru Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj guided us that ‘Seed can be changed not tree.’ In that direction we have done eye-opening research on the concept of ‘Garbhsanskar’ (Pregnancy Care). The journey of human development starts from there. We know we can not change the DNA of parents, but by understanding the ‘epi-genetics concept’, we are able to change the expression of DNA. Our course is its living proof.

Our Timeline



Journey & Research Started


Experiments Started



‘Garbhsanskar’ book Published


Awareness spread all over India through Offline Seminars & Workshops



Dream Child Institute Started at Surat & Mobile App launched


We have influenced 5,00,000+ Couples Worldwide till-date



we prominently featured in prestigious publications like TOI, The New York Times & other international media


Our Vision

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Happy Child. Happy Family. Happy World.
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To help 10 Lac couples by Providing World-Class Garbhasanskar Knowledge by 2025.

Our Mission

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To provide Vedic and Scientific Parenting Knowledge to Every Parents of the World.
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To enrich the secrets of Garbhsanskar to all Couples of the World for a Happier & Healthier future of the Society.

Meet The Innovators Behind The Vision!

Your amazing journey begins with a incredible team

Mr. Jitendra Timbadiya

Master Trainer & Co-founder

Jitendra Timbadiya is a visionary Co-founder of Dream Child (Garbh Sanskar & Parenting Institute), a pioneering initiative that has been transforming the lives of parents and children since July 2018. With a deep commitment to holistic child development form the Womb, Jitendra Timbadiya has established two offline Garbh Sanskar Centers in Surat, providing invaluable guidance to numerous parents on their journey of parenthood from the very beginning of life. He is researching and contributing to the Nation with the aim – New India, for last 14+ Years.

  • Sanskrit Acharya In Nyay, Vyakaran & Vedant
  • Spiritual Coach - Former Monk of 22 Years
  • Concept Creator
  • Writer, Poet & Music Composer
  • ‘New India Mission' Activist
  • Influenced 5,00,000+ Parents Worldwide

In addition to his role at Dream Child, Jitendra Timbadiya is the President of Infinity India Foundation, a foundation dedicated to spreading Child Development Awareness worldwide. His achievements are vast and impactful, including conducting over 1000+ seminars and workshops on Garbh Sanskar & Parenting. Jitendra Timbadiya has authored over 10 books for children and youth, written and composed more than 100 songs, and crafted numerous plays and video scripts focusing on child value education.

“To create a bright future for India.’ is my core motive for creating this complete online Garbhsanskar course. If we want ‘New India’, we must start from the New Generation.“

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One Dream One Team!

This is our team a lot of happy people who work hard to empower your dreams.

Mr. Dhaval Chheta

CEO & Co-founder

Mrs. Suyogi Timbadiya

Yoga Trainer & Diet Expert

Mr. Nikunj Chheta

Digital Marketing Lead

Miss. Krutika Gajjar

Business Development Manager

Mr. Vartik Gajjar


Mrs. Bhavika Parmar

Human Resource Manager

Dr. Pooja Dholakia


Mr. Mehul Vekariya

Technical Lead

Dream Child Awareness Programs & Offline Institute Activities

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