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Back Pain in Pregnancy

2 Dec
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Backache or back pain is very common during pregnancy. All through pregnancy, your body's ligaments naturally soften and stretch to start preparing you for labour. This condition is called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).
This type of problem occurs probably in the last days of pregnancy i.e. when the woman is in her third trimester. During pregnancy, the joint at the front of the pelvic area, the symphysis pubis, moves much more than normal. This is due to the release of the relaxing hormone by the body.

Pain is a good sign

A loosening of the pelvis is a good sign as it makes the process of birth easier for both the mother and the baby. However, due to the loosening and movement of the joint, the pregnant woman feels a lot of pain. This pain continues into the early postpartum period also, but this will relieve automatically after 3 or 4months.

What are the symptoms of SPD?

There may also be swelling in the area around the pubic bone. You also find it difficult to bring your feet together. Due to this, your pattern of steps will also change. Not only this, you may also hear a cracking sound while walking or moving your legs. If you have a complaint of SPD, you may have more pain even in such normal movements while getting up, sitting, sleeping.

Treatment of SPD

This problem gets completely cured after delivery, yet there are 6 tips by which you can get relief.

  • Use a pregnancy binder to stabilize your pelvis. Use a flexible binder that holds the joints in place.
  • Your doctor will recommend physical therapy for you.
  • Consult an expert about pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy. You can do some special Yoga under Expert’s guidance.
  • If the pain is too much then consult your doctor.
  • Get dressed while sitting on a chair, don't try this by balancing on your feet.
  • Do not move both your legs together and do not stand for a long time by stretching them.


Disclaimer: This blog is correct as per the writer’s knowledge. This is not a medical guidance. Follow as you are responsible for.


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