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12 Tips for Normal Delivery

21 Feb
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Aside from avoiding major surgery, normal delivery has a shorter recovery period and contributes to your baby receiving beneficial bacteria as it passes through the birthing canal. Preparing for labour and delivery is a lot like training for a marathon. You must prepare yourself physically and mentally to have a positive childbirth experience and recover faster. These 12 easy steps will get you there.

1. Stay away from Stress

Stress not only increases your discomfort but also increases complications in pregnancy and delivery time. The biggest impact of this will be on the health of you and your child. So, try to be happy. You can have the help of Dream Child Garbhsanskar Course’s Daily Activities for being a happy mother.

2. Do Exercise regularly

It is necessary to take rest during pregnancy but some exercises are good for your pregnancy period. Exercise will keep you fit and increase your ability to tolerate pain and produce feel-good hormones which help for normal delivery. Kegel & squatting exercises are very useful for normal delivery.

Kegel exercise, also known as pelvic floor exercises, is one of the most effective strategies to enhance and maintain bowel and bladder function. For kegel exercise, do not hold your breath. Instead, take deep breaths throughout the workouts. Repeat three times a day. Ten to fifteen cycles in each.

Squats exercise can help to strengthen the pelvic floor and buttocks for normal delivery. For squat exercises,

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and flat on the floor. Bend at the knees and lower the buttocks to the floor, only as far as is comfortable. Maintain a straight back and a small forward tilt. The knees should be parallel to the toes.

Return to a standing position by contracting the buttocks and pelvic floor. Repeat this exercise a total of ten times. Relax for a few minutes before beginning any subsequent sets. Wide-legged or deep squats may make maintaining a pelvic floor contraction challenging.

These exercising will strengthen your thigh muscles which will help you during labour. Exercise experts should be present around you because doing it wrongly can put you and your baby's life in danger.

(Note: Do these all exercises under the expert’s guidance.)

3. Do Pranayama

Sufficient oxygen is very important for the development of the baby. To get a healthy baby, do Pranayama during pregnancy. Pranayama will reduce your stress and your hormones will remain balanced. Therefore, it is very important to do mental exercise along with physical exercise during pregnancy for normal delivery.

4. Sufficient Walk & Sleep

Walking makes pelvic muscles relaxed and prepared for normal delivery. The head of the unborn child comes naturally down by gravity by walking. Go for a walk in the morning and evening after 1 hour after a meal, during pregnancy. Take it easy while taking a walk and enjoy the beautiful environment around you. The fresh air from outside fills a freshness for you. Do walk for as long as you can. If you get tired in the middle while walking, take a rest.

With good sleep, the whole body remains healthy and the mind cheerful. One should get 8 hours of sleep during the whole pregnancy. It makes our body stress-free, and that’s helping for normal delivery.

5. Eat Healthy food

It is inevitable for women to have weakness during pregnancy and doctors also give pills to reduce this weakness. But we get strength from the diet, it cannot be obtained from pills.

If you want a normal delivery, the neat at the right time and eat the right diet. Include green vegetables, milk, fruits and dry fruits in your diet. The essential vitamins and proteins present in these will nourish your body. It would be better if you eat home-cooked food. As per Ayurveda, avoid ‘vaat’ dosh enhancer Aahar-Vihar-Vichar (Food, Lifestyle and thoughts) for normal delivery.            

6. Drink a sufficient amount of water

Water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps you in normal delivery. Drink as much water as possible during pregnancy. Take normal hot water for a bath. Hot water gives you the strength to fight the labour pain and can fulfill the desire to have a normal delivery. 

7. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Sometimes alcohol and tea can also cause miscarriage. So stay away from such things during pregnancy. Tea absorbs iron present in our blood. Iron deficiency can make you physically weak and it also affects your child's growth and weight. So, avoid it, if you want normal delivery.

8. Don’t listen to Negative Things

Don't listen to scary stories of the delivery period, although many people have many tales to tell, but not listen to them, it is your responsibility. It is better to make books as your friend and read something that inspires you. Also, read and Practice spiritual books ever. Nature has naturally given the strength of normal delivery to approx every mother. Believe in your motherhood. 

9. Visualization– Hypno Birthing

Hypnobirthing is a process of controlling pain and anxiety during childbirth. Including various relaxation techniques, it prepares women for delivery using the power of hypnosis.

By practicing this process women can reduce the fear and anxiety related to childbirth. Hypnobirthing techniques are usually associated with natural birth.

Deep breathing like this affects the mother's parasympathetic nervous system, which helps mothers stay calm while giving birth. Do regular Practice in the last trimester.

Visualization is used in the fourth step of the hypnobirthing technique. In this technique, the pregnant woman visualizes her upcoming childbirth with a very easy process. Delivery may become easy for women through Visualization. For more details, please enroll Dream Child Garbh Sanskar mobile app.


10. Lamaze Breathing Technique

The Lamaze method of delivery emphasizes labour and delivery as a natural phenomenon. Labouring women are advised to move around and obey their bodies' inclinations to push. The method emphasizes specific breathing patterns and other natural relaxation strategies for dealing with discomfort.

In this exercise, Take a deep, or cleansing, breath as each contraction begins. This deep breath is followed by another slow, deep inhale through the nose and exhale through pursed lips.

11. Perennial Massage

According to doctors, for normal delivery, it is very important for the vaginal and perennial portions to remain soft during pregnancy.

Perennial massage helps in reducing the risk and pain associated with normal delivery. Perennial massage helps in stretching the vagina. It increases the flexibility of the vagina and reduces the need for an episiotomy by improving blood circulation.

It is especially beneficial for women who are becoming mothers for the first time.

That's why it is necessary that pregnant women should learn and practice perennial massage from the very beginning of pregnancy.

(Note: Learn these all (Kegel, Squatting, Lamaze, Perennial massage etc.) techniques from the expert, then follow.)

12. Selection of Doctor

If you prefer normal delivery, then you have to find doctors who prefer normal delivery.

The statistics of the world are clear that 2 or 3 out of 10 mothers have to undergo Caesarean delivery due to medical necessity.

The mother should prefer such empathetic & ethical practices doctors who prefer normal delivery so that the delivery period passes happily. And don’t worry, if that doctor prefers a caesarean for you due to your critical condition.

Disclaimer: This blog is correct as per the writer’s knowledge. This is not a medical guidance. Follow as you are responsible for.

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