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30 Sep
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Do we deserve to be a parent?

We spend at least 20 years studying to get a job of 25-50 thousand rupees monthly.  We spend years in hardships to be experts in our domains.

Just think now….

We put tremendous effort to earn some money and have expertise. But, how much are we educated to be good parents and create a new life? How much do we know about Garbh Sanskar and parenting? Do we want to be a parent without qualifications? Doesn’t our heart admit this? Do we want to be a parent of low brow children?

J. Krishnamurti says : “We have the universities to make engineers, doctors, and teachers, but there is no university to make parents who are more important than others. It is unfortunate.”  

Work of 90 years in just 9 months !

The care taken during the 9 months when a baby develops as a fetus in the womb is more fruitful than putting him/her under the training of the best teacher, the best school, the best environment, the best scripture, or the best lecture for 90 years. This is the universal truth. There isn’t any doubt about it.

A small engrave on a sapling is its lifelong mark. No matter what we engrave whether it is Ram or Ravan. With the passage of time, this attribution will also grow in size. So one cannot get rid of childhood impressions.

In order to see children happy for 100 years, taking sincere care for 9 months is inevitable. Growing a mango on babul is possible by grafting. It’s nothing but victory of hard work over fate. The same is also true for Garbh Sanskar. Do not leave everything to God.

Result of a small mistake: 20 Lakhs lowbrow offspring

Research data shows that if some parents, ignorant of Garbh Sanskar, deliver low-brow children, there will be 20 Lakhs low-brow children in that generation after 500 years. The blame goes to the parents who delivered such children 500 years ago. Are we not contributing to such a low brow generation?

Just think deeply. Let us not burden the world with our momentary pleasure. Such low-brows will neither live a happy life for themselves nor let you live happily. Moreover, they will surely create problems for the world.

Parents generally blame children when they cry often, don't study well, speak ill, go offensive etc. But do recall your own happiness before or at the conceiving period. Were you in anger, tension, huff, and hate or not? Are we conscious enough of child development as much as we take care of our business?

Do we accept our responsibility? We, as a Dream Child Garbhsanskar Team, are trying to spread this secret of Garbhsanskar by Daily Activities by Mobile App.

Disclaimer: This blog is correct as per the writer’s knowledge. This is not a medical guidance. Follow as you are responsible for.


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