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When does child development start?

2 Sep
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Garbh Sanskar: The foundation of human life

A lady in Chicago asked a question to the well-known educationist- Francis Parker, “I want my child to be well educated and a man of virtues. When should I start?" Parker replied to her by asking, “When will your child be born?” On hearing that question, she replied with extreme surprise that she already had a five-year-old child. Immediately Parker advised her not to waste her time as she was already five years late.

If Aristotle had been asked this question, he would have definitely answered the same. Because the people were aware of the ‘Eugenics’ (a movement that is aimed at improving the genetic composition of the human race) 2300 years ago.

Our Vedic culture also asserts that the qualities and characteristics are hereditary in the family. Parents should start practicing Garbh Sanskar as soon as they plan for their baby because some qualities and characteristics are inherited. In short, one should start practicing Garbh Sanskar before conceiving in order to have the best progeny.

Let’s become the Gardener of Child Development

Our ‘Dream Child App’ Course reveals garbhsanskar in a simpler way like a farmer farming his farm. A Farmer cultivates the best crop from his farm by applying labor and brain in a planned manner. Similarly, parents can also plan for the best offspring by applying the knowledge of Garbh Sanskar.

Manusmriti portrays women as a farm and men as a seed. When the farm is fertile and seeds are rich in quality. A combination of quality rich seeds and fertile land can produce the best crop.

Charak Sanhita says “sprout is possible when the good weather, fertile land, quality water, and seeds come together at a particular time in a particular manner only. The same way the human body conceives”.

We don’t like the plants growing wild and unruly in a forest; the same plants grown in a garden in an order with proper care attracts all.

So, in order to beautify our life, we should work as hard and carefully as a gardener.

Disclaimer: This blog is correct as per the writer’s knowledge. This is not a medical guidance. Follow as you are responsible for.


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