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9 Reasons of Breastfeeding Problems

25 Feb
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Breastfeeding is not always easy for both mothers and babies. It may take some time for both of you to get the hang of it.

Breastfeeding is the healthiest option for both mom and baby, according to experts. But after childbirth, some Breastfeeding problems arise like a Low Milk Supply, Painful Let-Down, Thrush, Inverted Nipples, Clogged Ducts Engorgement, or Cracked Nipples. According to experts, here are 9 reasons behind Breastfeeding’s problem.

1. Life Style

The time of pregnancy is very delicate. At this time you need to pay more attention to your lifestyle.

A poor lifestyle, not having a proper healthy diet, smoking and taking drugs, consuming excessive amounts of caffeine, etc. can affect the production of breast milk.

2. Stressful Mind

Due to today's stressful mind, we are not able to give proper time to our family, friends, and even sometimes to ourselves.

Doctors also say that stress is the root of diseases. It can cause anxiety, heart problems, depression, and a decrease in the production of breast milk, etc.

3. Thyroid Gland

If there is a problem in the thyroid gland, then there may be hormonal imbalance, due to which the production of milk is reduced or does not occur at all.

Prolactin helps in milk production during pregnancy and helps to increase milk flow through the oxytocin hormoneduct (ducts). This can affect the production of breast milk due to the lack of these hormones during thyroid gland function.

4. Birth Control Pills & Medicines

Taking birth control pills causes hormone imbalance in your body. Due to this, women may have health problems for sometime or for a long time.

Some women start taking these pills after the birth of the child and due to this, milk is not produced after delivery.

If you are taking some necessary medicines, that can affect your milk production.

5. Surrounding Environment

Increased air pollution, contamination of water and food, and the deteriorating day-by-day are rigorous truths of today. These reasons also affect breast milk production.

Although not much can be done in this case, you can take precautions about food and water. It is prudent to avoid toxic, congested and polluted places for sometime with women who have been breastfeeding.

6. Sheehan's Syndrome

There are many cases that women have to face at the time of delivery. There are many factors in labour, from harassment to hemorrhoids, due to which there is a lot of difficulty at the time of delivery. The stress from such delivery also affects milk production. Hormone levels decrease due to delivery piles and do not form breast milk, which is called Sheehan's Syndrome.


7. Excessive Blood

The pituitary gland can cause damage due to excessive blood flow during delivery. This gland occurs in the brain and is responsible for increasing lactation. More than 500 ml of blood loss can cause anxiety. So, some mothers feel breastfeeding problems.

8. Premature Birth & Diabetes

The gland tissues of the breast are not prepared enough due to premature birth, which affects breast milk production.

Insulin is also an important hormone for breast milk production. Diabetes causes insulin level fluctuations, which can delay the onset of lactation.

9. Other Reasons

There may be some other reasons for the low milk supply, like 1. Scheduled feedings, such as offering only one breast per feeding, 2. Health or anatomical problems with the baby (ie. tongue tie), 3. Early introduction of solids, 4. Returning to work before the supply is established, 5.Previous breast augmentation (usually a reduction), 6 Typically 6-8 weeks postpartum, 7. Health problems with a mother like uncontrolled anemia, retained placenta, postpartum hemorrhage, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Disclaimer: This blog is correct as per the writer’s knowledge. This is not a medical guidance. Follow as you are responsible for.

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