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All the Deep knowledge of Vedic and Scientific Garbhsanskar is explained by Our Experienced Experts for 20+ Hours of videos.

Interesting Features

The personality of a child is formed in the Womb.
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Interesting Features

The personality of a child is formed in the Womb.
  • 20+ Hours Workshops by Experts
  • Activity Material Kit
  • 550+ Tracks Music Pendrive
  • 3 Months Personal Counseling
  • 1 Demo Lecture is Free
  • Course Duration: 9 Months

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Daily 25+ Activities for the unborn baby's 4 Quotient Development

Subjects of Workshops:

20+ Hours Online Workshops
  • Vedic & Scientific method of Conception
  • Infertility Solutions
  • A Proven Technique for making Dream Chart
  • Visualizations & Auto-suggestions
  • Monthwise Care For Dream Child
  • Advanced Food Chart & Yoga Tips
  • Prakriti Parikshan & Panchakarma Guidance
  • 10 Sense Development Guidance & Creativity
  • Music Therapy & Book Reading Tips
  • Stress Management & Positive Thinking
  • Chakra Dhyana - Guided Meditation
  • Ideal Routine for Pregnant
  • Importance of Connection to Nature
  • Husband-Wife & In-Laws Relation
  • Garbhchintan Songs for Universal Value
  • Couple Yoga Tips
  • Preparation for Delivery
  • Tips for Re-tune the body after Delivery
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Material Kit

Mother gats Activity Material kit at Home, which includes:
Material Kit

Material Kit

Mother gats Activity Material kit at Home, which includes:
  • Dream Child Bag
  • Garbhsanskar Book
  • Dream Child Diary
  • Story & Inspirational Books
  • 11+ Activity Material
  • Jaap Mala & Useful Stationeries
  • Raaga & Mantra Pendrive - 550+ Tracks

Client Testimonial

“Dream Mothers Speak”

A must app for couple planning a baby. This app is a one stop place and covers all the aspects of care and education one must have during pregnancy. All the contents in this app is very scientific, realistic and easy to adapt. Thumbs up to the creator.

Bhavi Kapadia

This app is very useful for pregnancy. This app really reminder timely to do positive activities to care of our baby which really comes in future. During the pregnancy, numbers of activities are necessary to mind development of baby and proper body development.

Nirali Gajera

I have been using this app for the last 7 months. it has all the things you need during pregnancy. In weekly class, Jitendra Tibadiya sir taught important lessons which have had so much impact on my life it changed my way of life and helped me to stay positive during my pregnancy period, and especially the IQ part from the app is so much interesting for me. I recommend this app for planning couples also.

Jaldeepa chudasama

This App is very very useful to learn about Garbh SANSKAR. Looks like It's should be prepared after long time reserach & dedicated efforts. Hence, Who are leaving out of India can easily know about Indian Vedic Garb SANSKAR.

Minesh Darji

Dream child app is bestest apps. I downloaded it after my search of many garbhsanskar apps. The way of collecting every minute thing & information and then sorting it in a very easily digestible way. Any person not having any knowledge can also understand &applyday-to-day life activities very easily No other app is giving this wholesome activity of PQ, EQ, IQ & SQ under the same roof. Dream chart & song has played a very vital role. It made me happier & joyful while doing activities as it easily mingled with my routine work & nature too. My child has born with the same nature understanding & even physical growth is also excellent. as I thought in the pre-pregnancy & pregnancy period. If you really want your dream child, Start doing an activity right from when you start thinking to become pregnant. the result will amaze you. Thank you Dreamchild app & Team.

Dr.sejal Dholariya

From Dream Child Institute, we have learned a lot regarding Garbh Sanskar. Both of Mr. jitendra and Mrs. Suyogi are highly knowledgeable and gives us authentic and clear guidance of Garbh Sanskar.

Shreya Kalathiya

We have multiple sets of Course, so you can choose according to your time and requirement.

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