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In this Very Special Section, Mother gets 36 Weekly Classes on ‘Sampoorna Matritva’, Parenting & Happy Life.

Interesting Features

Weekly classes gives Motivation, Art & Craft Knowledge & Complete Motherhood guidance with Child Care Tips & international Parenting skills.
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Interesting Features

Weekly classes gives Motivation, Art & Craft Knowledge & Complete Motherhood guidance with Child Care Tips & International Parenting skills.
  • 36 Weekly Classes
  • Advanced Pregnancy & Baby Care Lectures
  • Weekly Action Song & Brain Activities
  • Creativity, Story Telling, Art & Craft
  • 9 Months Personal Counseling by Experts
  • 1 Demo Class is Free
  • Course Duration: 9 Months

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Daily 25+ Activities for the unborn baby's 4 Quotient Development

Subjects of Workshops:

36 Online Weekly Classes
  • 16 Sanskaras (In-detail)
  • Reprogramming of Subconscious mind
  • Yoga Nidra (Deep Sleep) Tips
  • Communications Skills
  • The True Education of Happiness
  • Anger Management
  • Freedom from Comparison & Acceptation
  • Intense Peace of mind by Karma Siddhanta
  • Aatma-Parmatma Gyan
  • Habit Challenge
  • Practical Philanthropy
  • The Power of Prayers for All
  • Raaga and Taala Practice
  • Storytelling Skill
  • Art & Craft Training
  • Study Technique
  • Tratak Yoga
  • Vaccination & Ayurvedic Suvarna Prashan
  • Child Finance Guidance
  • Drawing & BharatKala Skills

Among these mothers gets Personal Counseling for 9 months.

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Client Testimonial

“Dream Mothers Speak”

Thank you so much dreamchild app for making my first pregnancy journey good & stress-free. I enjoyed 4Q daily activities. All activities gave us good knowledge & the best results. This app has covered all topics & given us the best results for baby growth. Thank you so much to all team members of dreamchild applications.🤗 Thanks for giving us a wonderful activity and the best knowledge.

Pruthvi Brijesh

Having a wonderful experience. It is the best app for the planning couples as well as pregnant couples. Weekly lectures from Mr. Jitendra Timbadiya are really insightful and he gives so much positive energy which surely reaches the baby within.

Monika Rathod

I strongly recommend to use this app, we have used this app in our pregnancy and really we got our DREAMCHILD. Most authentic researched based course ever. I have seen apps but this is one stop solution. Thanks Dreamchild Team.

Kaushik Chitaliya

I started using this app during my pregnancy planning. There is all time support from the Dreamchild team for any kind of query and doubts. I must say this is superb app where I got all the knowhows and knowledge right from conceiving to delivery.

Shraddha Katariya

A must app for couple planning a baby. This app is a one stop place and covers all the aspects of care and education one must have during pregnancy. All the contents in this app is very scientific, realistic and easy to adapt. Thumbs up to the creator.

Bhavi Kapadia

This app is very useful for pregnancy. This app really reminder timely to do positive activities to care of our baby which really comes in future. During the pregnancy, numbers of activities are necessary to mind development of baby and proper body development.

Nirali Gajera

We have multiple sets of Course, so you can choose according to your time and requirement.

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