Daily Activities Module

Mothers get Daily 25+ Activities for their Unborn’s Physical (PQ), Intellectual (IQ), Social-Emotional (EQ) & Spiritual (SQ) Development from the womb at their Fingertips.


Interesting Features

If we care for 9 months of pregnancy, We will have 90 Years of Peace.
Dreamchild App

Interesting Features

Investing in 9 Months of pregnancy can yield 90 years of peace.
  • Daily 25+ activities of PQ, IQ, EQ, SQ (15 New + 10 Fix)
  • Diet, Yoga & Positive Thinking
  • Garbh Samvad & Nitya Prarthana
  • Husband Harmony Activity
  • Alpha Music & Auto Suggestions
  • Yoga, Pranayama & Exercise
  • Time Needed Daily: Only 40 Minutes
  • 7 Days Activity Demo Free
  • Planning Couple Get Extra Activities for 3 Months
  • Course Duration: 9 Months

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Daily 25+ Activities for the unborn baby's 4 Quotient Development
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Mothers get daily 25+ activities of :

For the complete Development of her Unborn child, Mother gets :
  • Daily 1 new Pregnancy Article
  • Daily 1 new Recipe
  • Daily 1 new Logical Story
  • Daily 1 new Puzzle
  • Daily 1 new GK Video
  • Daily 1 new 5 Sense Activity
  • Daily 1 new Quote Secret
  • Daily 1 new Moral Story
  • Daily 1 new Value Video & QA
  • Daily 1 new Music Therapy
  • Daily 1 new Emotional Video
  • Daily 1 new Spiritual Talks
  • Daily 1 new Spiritual Reading
  • Weekly 1 new Garbhsamvad (Baby Talk)
  • Weekly 1 new Shloka Recitation

Mother also gets a Complete Diet Chart, Yoga-Pranayama-Exercise and Mediation Guidance, lullabies, Daily Prayer, Husband Responsibility and Preparation, Geeta Saar, Affirmations, and Alfa Music, ‘Khush rahu chhu..’ Song,   & Many more Activities.

Pregnant Lady

Physical Quationt Activity (PQ)

Health Tips
140+ Prega Health Tips
Healthy Recipes
72+ Healthy Recipes
Yoga & Exercies
Yoga & Exercises
Logical Stories
280+ Logical Stories
Quote Rymination
280+ Quote Rymination
5 Sense Activity
140+ 5 Sense Activities
GK Videos
280+ GK Videos
Puzzle Challenge
280+ Puzzle Challenge

Intellectual Quationt Activity (IQ)

Emotional Quationt Activity (EQ)

Scripture Reading
140+ Scripture Readings​
Garbh Samvads
36+ Garbh Samvads
Listing song
280+ Songs & Musics
Virtual Stories
280+ Virtue Stories
Spiritual Talks
280+ Spiritual Talks
Mother and child
280+ Sympathy Videos
Sloka Recitation
36+ Sloka Recitation
Video Rymination
140+ Video Rymination

Spiritual Quationt Activity (SQ)

Client Testimonial

“Dream Mothers Speak”

Very nice app, I think in one package for planning couples and pregnant women. Very useful for distanced people. I love all the activities and garbhsamvad, brain music especially its pregnancy kit bag, which is so much easy for the pregnancy journey, well explained, and every couple who wants a baby then they must go for the dreamchild garbh sanskar app.

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હુ જ્યારે પ્રેગનેટ હતી ત્યારે નોર્મલી ઘરેથી અને મને સમજણ હતી તે રીતે મે મારી કેર કરતી. પરંતુ મને જ્યારે ડ્રીમ ચાઈલ્ડ એપ્લિકેશન્સની જાણ થઈ ત્યારે મે તે ઓનલાઇન આખો કોર્સ કર્યો. તેમાં બાળક માટે PQ. IQ. EQ. SQ અને ગર્ભ સંવાદ અને બીજી ઘણી બધી એક્ટિવિટી ડેઇલી કરતી તેથી મને તેનું ખુબજ સારું પરિણામ મારી બેબી (નિવા) માં જોવા મળે છે. તે બદલ ડ્રીમ ચાઈલ્ડ ટીમ નો હું દિલથી આભાર વ્યક્ત કરુ છુ. અને ખાસ કરીને જીતેન્દ્ર સર અને સુયોગી મેમ ને હદય પૂર્વક આભાર. બધા માતા પિતા ને Suggest કરીશ કે ડ્રીમ ચાઈલ્ડ એપ્લિકેશન નો કોર્સ અવશ્ય કરે.

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Rushita Italiya


Thank you so much dreamchild app for making my first pregnancy journey good & stress-free. I enjoyed 4Q daily activities. All activities gave us good knowledge & the best results. This app has covered all topics & given us the best results for baby growth. Thank you so much to all team members of dreamchild applications.🤗 Thanks for giving us a wonderful activity and the best knowledge.

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Pruthvi Brijesh


Having a wonderful experience. It is the best app for the planning couples as well as pregnant couples. Weekly lectures from Mr. Jitendra Timbadiya are really insightful and he gives so much positive energy which surely reaches the baby within.

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Monika Rathod


I strongly recommend to use this app, we have used this app in our pregnancy and really we got our DREAMCHILD. Most authentic researched based course ever. I have seen apps but this is one stop solution. Thanks Dreamchild Team.

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Kaushik Chitaliya


I started using this app during my pregnancy planning. There is all time support from the Dreamchild team for any kind of query and doubts. I must say this is superb app where I got all the knowhows and knowledge right from conceiving to delivery.

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Shraddha Katariya

We have multiple sets of Course, so you can choose according to your time and requirement.

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