White Discharge Problem during Pregnancy



From a year or two before puberty and lasting beyond menopause, you will always have some vaginal discharge. Your level of discharge fluctuates with time. Just before your menstruation, it usually gets heavier. It's typical to experience more discharge than usual when you're pregnant.

Good vaginal discharge should not smell bad and is typically thin, clear, or milky white.

What is white Discharge Water?

Many changes occur in the hormonal balance during pregnancy. Everything changes, from the weight of women to their food habits. The discharge of white water is very common in pregnancy and is seen generally in every woman.

What is called leucorrhea can be white in appearance, slightly thick and slightly odorless. It is normal until it starts smelling bad and its color does not turn red.

Why does white water come out?

White water in pregnancy is cervical mucus, which is considered quite normal. This type of problem in pregnant women is mostly more in the third stage of pregnancy.

However, the release of such white matter during pregnancy greatly benefits your fetus because it protects against any type of infection in the cervix.

Is it can be dangerous?

However, if you feel like water is coming out instead of urine, this problem is caused by a swollen uterus and a heavy bladder.

Actually, It depends on different situations. But, when there is a lot of white discharge coming out of your body, your water bag may burst and in this case, you should contact the doctor as soon as possible.

The Baby Can be Harmed?

White discharge is also considered good for your baby because it protects your baby. But, if this problem increases or there is an infection, the problem can arise.

When to contact the Doctor?

If you suffer from a vaginal infection and have continuous white discharge, consult a doctor because this infection can also reach to the baby.

Pay attention to these signs:

  • In addition, you may feel problems of itching, burning, laryngitis, or inflammation in the vaginal area.
  • There may be pain or burning problems when passing urine.
  • Your discharge is bleeding in red.

What can be done to stop it?

  • Wash the genital area with plain water and try to keep the area dry
  • wear loose clothing
  • Wipe from front to back after urinating
  • Don't have sex during pregnancy
  • Do not consume hot substances
  • Keep water intake 3 to 4 liters
  • Do kegel exercise every day from planning to till delivery.
  • Visit your doctor if you feel too much pain.

Disclaimer : This blogs are correct as per writer’s knowledge. This is not a medical guidance. Follow as you are responsible for.

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